Colwen Hotels is a hospitality group built on hard work, character and authenticity. 

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Our culture is like a start-up yet well-established. Our industry leading team is hard working, agile, diverse, and inclusive. We cultivate ideas and empower individuals to bring forward- thinking concepts to life to enrich guest experiences. Staying ahead of the curve is what has made us who we are today and we strive to keep our ideas fresh. We are proud to own and operate quality hotels designed for experiential travel and diverse accommodations.

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We value teamwork, cooperation, overall attitude, but most importantly- the people are what matter most. Read on to learn more about our team members’ stories and experience working here.

College Recruitment

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Colwen’s Leadership Development Program is our proprietary methodology to help team members experience on the job training with one-on-one mentorship. Focused on developing future leaders, we like to empower self-starters, welcome new ideas, and seek out those interested in leaving a lasting legacy. This acceptance-only program offers a comprehensive training curriculum that teaches practical skills and at the same time paves the way for Colwen Hotels Succession Planning. We have worked hard to narrow the focus of our program to ensure we cover all the bases, using a variety of modalities.

Structured for success, the combination of the Focus Tool with a series of online modules provides comprehensive and vital skills for team members. In addition, we pair participants with senior leadership for monthly meetings and regular measurement for a win-win setup. Participants work side-by-side with Colwen’s award-winning team, gaining invaluable experience and exposure to hotel operations in a small setting. Throughout the program, we create a culture of curiosity and learning, encouraging participants to talk through thoughts with their assigned mentor.

The Focus Tool provides a deep dive on several critical areas which include: accountability and responsibility, coaching/mentoring, communication, conflict resolution, dealing with change, empowerment, improving attitudes, motivating others, teamwork, trust and integrity.

The 24 online modules include: Pre-Discussion Questions, Video Instruction, Note-Taking Guide, Post-Discussion Questions, Exercises, Test and Personal Action Plans. Important topics covered include:

  • Understanding and adhering to basic business ethics and confidentiality
  • Communicating effectively in individual and group settings with the hotel
  • Understanding the purpose and function of the Finance Department
  • Understanding the purpose and the function of the F & B Department
  • Understanding the associate recruitment, selection, and acclimation process
  • Explanation of forecasting and budgeting concepts
  • Description of steps to be taken in the event of guest/associate emergency
  • Performance of Guest Room Attendant shift duties

At Colwen Hotels, we take pride in developing team members and creating opportunities for career development. Rounding out highly motivated team members has become our passion, which is why we continue to achieve success.

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